Tap Room  

Our finely-crafted Ales, Lagers and Ciders are brewed with all-natural and locally-grown (when available) non-GMO ingredients, including New York State barley and hops, and famous Catskill water. SFB uses a natural process of craft brewing to avoid the use of obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives commonly found in uninspired industrially-produced beer.


Kutya Osela Winter Farmhouse Ale

Baba Yaga Harbooz Pumpkin Ale
ABV 6.0 IBU 30

Sand Peach Wheat
ABV 5.2 IBU 11.5

SFB Classics

Loch Ada Amber Ale 📸 
ABV 5.5 IBU 26.0

Yulan Blueberry Honey Wheat
ABV 4.6 IBU 11.2
A traditional German Hefeweisen using NYS 2 Row Barley, Hops, Blueberry Honey, Catskill water

3 Dog East Coast IPA
ABV 6.8 IBU 52.0
Hops are added continuously for an hour and a half; SFB’s own 90 minute IPA

Highland Steam Lager
ABV 5.5 IBU 37.2

Kozak Porter 📸
ABV 5.0 IBU 32.3


SHugəriNG Maple Syrup Rye Barrel-Aged Lager
ABV 5.5 IBU 37

Sir Isaac’s Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged Lager 📸
ABV 5.5 IBU 37.0

Kozak Over a Barrel Porter 📸
ABV 5.0 IBU 24.7
Aged in first generation Kentucky Bourbon barrels

For Peat’s Sake Ale 📸
ABV 5.5 IBU 24.7
A Scotch Single Malt Barrel-Aged Amber Ale


Edinburgh Apple Cider
ABV 7.0 IBU 10.0; Gluten-Free

English Apple Cider
ABV 7.0 IBU 10.0; Gluten-Free

Coming Soon

De Venoge Farmhouse Ale (ABV 6.6 IBU 32.0 A combination of NYS 2 Row and Belgian Pilsner Barley, Coriander, Seeds of Paradise, Orange peel, honey and Catskill water)

4 oz. Flights + 16 oz. Pints + 32 oz. Crowlers 📸 + 64 oz. Growlers

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