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Our finely Crafted Ales, Lagers and Dry Hopped Ale-Ciders are brewed with all-natural and locally-grown (when available) non-GMO ingredients, including New York State barley and hops, and famous Catskill water. SFB uses a natural process of craft brewing to avoid the use of obscure chemicals, additives and preservatives commonly found in uninspired industrially-produced beer.

Loch Ada Amber Ale
ABV 5.5 IBU 26.0
Aged in single malt Scotch barrels

Yulan Honey Wheat
ABV 4.6 IBU 11.2

3 Dog East Coast IPA
ABV 6.8 IBU 52.0

Highland Steam Lager
ABV 5.5 IBU 37.2

Kozak Porter
ABV 5.0 IBU 32.3 

De Venoge Farmhouse Ale
ABV 6.6 IBU 32.0

Harbooz Pumpkin Ale
ABV 5.8 IBU 32.2

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Porter
ABV 5.0 IBU 24.7
Aged in first generation Kentucky Bourbon barrels

Scotch Single Malt Barrel-Aged Amber Ale
ABV 5.5 IBU 24.7

Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged Lager
ABV 5.5 IBU 37.0

Coming Soon: Kutya Farmhouse Ale Saison, English Apple Ale (ABV 7.0 IBU 10.0; Gluten-Free)Edinburgh Apple Ale (ABV 7.0 IBU 10.0; Gluten-Free)

4 oz. Flights + 16 oz. Pints + 32 oz. Growlers

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